Coronavirus Counselling

Online counselling for all.

Research shows that during times of crisis our short-term and long-term mental health is best protected by feeling we are a part of a community. Self-isolation interrupts this instinctive response to stress.

I am a qualified group psychotherapist and work with people between 4 and 70 years of age. During this period of global social anxiety, I want to use my skills to connect with you and others like you.

So if you are:

  • self-isolating
  • a young person
  • a child
  • or an adult

And feeling:

  • lonely
  • anxious
  • hopeless
  • depressed or
  • generally low

I invite you to get in touch. You can join:

A daily online group therapy session. It is one hour and will have a maximum of five members per group. These sessions will add structure to your day. Allow you to share your experience of isolation or being ill with others who are going through the same thing, alleviating the negative impact of isolation, anxiety and sickness.


Online 1:1 sessions. These sessions are people with additional mental health conditions, pre-existing difficulties. Or for anyone who is not sure if group sessions are for them. In 1:1 sessions we can focus specifically on your challenges and work weekly together.

IF you have financial difficulties, always speak with me.

To sign up or find out more contact me.

For more comprehensive information on coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the World Health Organisation website.

For information about government recommend actions and data please go to the UK government website.

And for medical advice on how to keep yourself safe or what to do if you expect that you my have coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the National Health Service (NHS) website.